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Hymn to Ratri (Goddess of Twilight)



Praise to the Goddess who bids farewell to Suria (Sun) and ushers in Chandra (Moon). Praise to the Goddess who sets the sky alight with a billion effulgent stars. Praise to the daughter of Aditi the Goddess Divine of all heavenly beings and celestial deities.

Praise to her who is adorned with amour as black as ebony, she who sweeps the land with her spell of might, she who rides the fleeting winds in the dark of the night. Praise to her whose touch feels as cold as ice.

Praise to the Goddess who is heralded by the nocturnal howls of the nightly beast, whose gaze is pallid and ghastly. She who is at home beneath the cover of mystic skies.

In the dark of her night spirits drift, to haunt, to stalk, to possess and to kill. To seek both sustenance and companions to follow them to their lonesome and loathsome world.

Witches set cauldrons alight and fill the bellies of their pots with snake eyes and lizard tongues, chanting spells to make their potions come alive.

Shamans arise to the hour of sacrifice and from the hidden dens beneath their huts, they drag forth animals and mortals who are rendered senseless by concoctions made from an assortment of potent drugs, to perform the time-honored rite of blood sacrifice.

Vampires awaken at the stroke of twilight and as Ratri blankets the sky with darkness, they spread their bat-like wings, floating fleetingly in the air like birds.

The creatures of impeccable beauty and exquisite appearance search and scavenge for victims, whose blood they drain to retain their vampiric qualities.

In return the sultry creatures, whose skin is paler than the white of snow, confer upon their deserving victims the gift of prolonged life.

Ratri who  instills fear and tenebrosity in the limbs of all who have failed in servitude, she who frees all that is evil from the shackles of conformity, we worship thee to stay the hand of darkness and to grant us peaceful slumber.

Hymn to Dawn



Praise to Dawn who rides her silver chariot drawn by her solar steeds whose luster ushers in the morning sun and dispels all traces of the night. Praise to her who is most worthy of worship, her beams and her splendor, stretch from the heavens above to the floors of the ocean. Praise to the goddess with the golden colored hair, one of the four prettiest women in the world, who is adorned with gold and silver, and garlanded with the glory of the morning.

Praise to the daughter of the heavens whose radiance dispels all doubts and whose brilliance disperses all fear. Like a valiant archer, like a swift warrior, she banishes any lingering traces of tenebrosity.

She passes easily through the hills and the meadows and her light sparkles off the white waters of the oceans, glistening and glistering, blinding all that is evil, spreading instantly over vast distances.

Shedding her light on us, she calls us forth from slumber. She brings hither the man who worships glory, power, might, food and vigor. Opulent in her manner she favors us like heroes favor their servants. Dawn who brings oblation and stands prominent on the mountain ridges, she who gives wealth to noble heroes, shine your light on us.

Hymn to Agni



Praise Agni, Lord of Fire, benevolent lord of sacrifice, lavisher of wealth, granter of boons. Worthy is he to be praised for he will bring forth the gods to grace this holy gathering with their revered presence.

Through Agni men obtain wealth beyond measure and warriors obtain fame without comparison, through his effulgent and resplendent flames may their wealth multiply and their fame increase.

Through Agni we make the perfect sacrifices and our offerings are sped to grace the feet of most auspicious gods and the most sagacious saints. May Agni most sapient of gods, be mindful of our needs and bless us accordingly.

May Agni most benignant of gods grant us our requests, as true as the air that we breathe and the water that we drink, will Agni look favorably upon our petitions.

Agni dispeller of darkness, the light of night, the flame of hope, the beacon of salvation, we revere thee will all our hearts and before thee we surrender in the noblest fashion, humbled by thy magnificence.

Radiant Agni, luminous guardian of the eternal law, lord and ruler of sacrifices we approach thee as son to father, may thee forever intervene and intercede favorably on our behalf.

Hymn To Aditi



Laud Aditi, the primordial creatrix, the mother of the gods, the daevas, the mitras, the asuras and all beings mortal and celestial. Praise Aditi the goddess of the five nations; she who is the past, the present and the future. May the queen of equity, justice and fairness, great mother of all that is good and noble, guide as lest we should falter and be led astray.

May the beneficent goddess spread her wings far and wide, engulfing our company thereby bringing us under her protection and dispelling any evil that may befall us.

May we ascend without sin the vessel of righteousness and row it with strong and steady arms. May the boat that never leaks, despite any turbulence, despite the unsteady wind of change, that may come our way, sail smoothly on the endless ocean of creation. May the custodian of the heavens and the guardian of the earth in whose lap the spacious air resides afford us the protection of the three layers. We sing in praise of Aditi’s sons, the loftiest of gods, and seek their guidance and assistance in our endeavors.

Let us go forward in search of glory and riches secure in the knowledge that divine Aditi, will evermore be at our side. Benevolent Aditi, divide guardian of creation, we approach thee as son to mother, may thee take us under your protection, never failing to intervene and intercede favorably on our behalf.