Potion for curing acne

The most auspicious time to concoct the following remedy is at midnight on the days between the new moon and the full moon. The light of the waning moon is a crucial element.


– tumeric powder
– sandalwood bark
– lemon balm petals
– daffodil petals
– twenty drops of rhododendron honey
– water

The following ritual is best performed at midnight to obtain the desired effect.

To start, add a pinch of turmeric powder and smidgens of sandalwood bark to the hollow of a mortar.

Then add a handful of lemon balm petals and daffodil petals, followed by twenty drops of rhododendron honey. Add sufficient water and grind with a pestle until the concoction is transformed into a thick paste.

While grinding repeat the following spell:-

“Anwen, Goddess of Love and Might, fair of skin and smooth of touch. We hail thee who is beauty personified to come forth and shine thy divine light”.

“Anwen, Goddess of cloudless climes and starry skies, who walks undaunted in the weltering night. She whose touch heals and nurtures, she who brings with her the scent and kisses  of a thousand edelweisses”.

“Anwen, Goddess of infinite sight, help us cure the ailing with thy wholesome touch. Fix thy gaze on their body and heal the blemish on their person”.

Gently apply on infected skin.

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Potion for curing warts and boils

The most propitious time of day to concoct the following potion is between sunset and nine at night. The light of the setting sun and that of the rising moon strengthen the magical properties in the potion.


– bark of oak
– bark of cedar
– rosemary powder
– thyme powder
– heliotrope petals
– alyssum petals
– eleven drops of honey
– water

Add handfuls of heliotrope and alyssum petals into the hollow of a mortar before adding pinches of cedar and oak bark followed by smidgens of rosemary and thyme. Then grind the ingredients to blend, with a pestle.

While grinding repeat the following verses :-

“Scented Goddess of the night, fragrant Goddess of the vine come forth and be our guide. Saintly Goddess who nestles between the the herbs and the flowers come forth and shine thy light on us”.

“Churn the bark of oak and cedar to blend with the rosemary and thyme on hand. Make this potion that we conjure smell sweeter than any perfume in the land”.

Then add eleven drops of honey and enough water to fill half the mortar and repeat the following verse :-

Eir savior of those that are stricken by plight and blight. Lend us your touch so that we might give the ailing some respite. Help us cure their body of warts and boils, breathe thy magic and bring this potion to life.

Serve when chilled.

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Witches Brew


– ground nightshade seeds
– hemlock roots
– lavender petals
– eleven cups of apricot juice
– eleven cups of water
– moonlight

The ingredients are emptied into a clay pot and placed on an earthen stove, lit by a mild charcoal fire and left to simmer. The pot is gently stirred until the first bubbles appear. The moment the brew starts to boil the pot is removed from the stove and left to cool.

Because moonlight is an essential ingredient, the brew can only be concocted at night. Ideally it should be on a clear night when the moon is out in full.

While the brew is on the stove and is being stirred, it is essential to repeat the following spell:-

Hail Celeste, Goddess of the Moon, shine bright and cover us with your unyielding light. Let this divine decoction ingest your beams to give it a deadly bite.

Let the seeds of lethal nightshade and the roots of fatal hemlock come alive to give this potion a jolt that will make its drinker revel in heavenly delight. Let its hue be the color of the purpled petaled lavender and let it always taste sweet and sensual.

I call upon the four sisters, the Guardian of the Northern Tower, the Guardian of the Western Tower, the Guardian of the Southern Tower and the Guardian of the Eastern tower to help seal this potion with their divine magic so that threads that bind this spell together will not be undone by mortal devices.

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